Monday, January 23, 2006

Concisely put

Most of this blog can be reduced to the following:

Do I do things that I wish no one else ever finds out about? Sure. Do I think I have a fundamental right to get away with doing such things?

No, unless these things are done in my home or said through one-on-one correspondence, are legal, and are done with/to people who can be expected to keep quiet.

Yeah, it can be challenging to determine which spaces are private and which are public, especially in the online world. But don't think that, just because you WANT a certain space to be private, that it will be. Assume all online spaces are public unless you have carefully determined that they are private.

See, I can be concise if I try really hard! (Better enjoy it, though, as it happens infrequently and never lasts long).


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